Finally, after a couple of years off, I decided to return to blogging. But this time I’ll take things easy.

The first blog I started writing, was back in 2010. I created a personal website in Wordpress, where I used to post things about my life as a Computer Science student and my experience learning iOS development. I used to write during the weekends, putting together tutorials about how to make apps and basic games using Cocos2D. It was fun for me, I felt like I was talking to the world, sharing my knowledge with others. And it didn’t take long until other website called Mobile Orchard, noticed my tutorials and made me an offer to write for them.

Working for another website was quite an experience, it was my first job. It wasn’t just me anymore, taking all the time I wanted to finish a post, now I had deadlines. I remember, I was suffering every weekend to give birth a tutorial I had to deliver on Sunday night, so it could be published the next day. Eventually, I burned out and quit. The classwork from university and the blogging job were killing me. But my biggest complaint was that it wasn’t fun anymore, and I felt guilty for leaving my own blog for another just for a few bucks. So, I decided to completely stop blogging, at least until I had more time.

Fast forward to 2014. I was working as an iOS developer. It was a dream come true. I’m not a student anymore, I’m a professional software engineer, building the kind of apps I liked. So, one day a friend proposed me to start blogging again, now with a better plan: build the Spanish version of Envato’s Tuts+. The idea was very appealing to me, because there was no site like that. We created the website with Wordpress again and called it CodeHero, we recruited another three friends and kicked off the blog. At the beginning it was fun, working with my friends in my spear time, writing the kind of posts I wanted, growing a nice community. Until, after a year of work, we realised we were still not making any money. Everyone was so demotivated and at the same time didn’t see each other blogging in the long term. In the end, we decided to abandon the idea and continue with our lives.

Now, I’m going back to my roots. I’m bringing back to me the joy of writing the blog I want, when I want. But more importantly, it is going to be fun again.