Hello, thanks for considering me for your project.

At the moment the best way to hire me is on Upwork, kindly go check my profile.

Here is a little reminder why you should do it.

I’m a developer with five years of experience building iOS native apps.
My professional experience mainly includes coding apps for clients from all over the world and completing the various tasks involved in the development life cycle.

The following are my most important skills and qualifications:
• Earned a 5 years degree in Software Engineering
• Developed several iOS apps with it’s respective backend server
• Created app updates regularly based on user and client feedback
• Successfully pitched app concepts to non-technical decision makers
• Implemented app shipment and testing operating procedures
• Acquired a high proficiency in English and intermediate conversational level in Italian (my native language is Spanish, btw).

In addition to my expertise in Cocoa Touch and the core iOS frameworks, I have experience working with many third party APIs, libraries and frameworks, including React Native for developing cross-platform applications. I also have worked on the backend, specifically using Node.js. Finally, I have a keen attention to detail and thrive when faced with a challenge.

I’d love the opportunity to further discuss how I could be an asset to you. And learn what are the exact requirements of your project.

In the meantime, I’d like to invite you to check my portfolio, and my side projects.

Thank you in advance.